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I offer a fast and quality translation service for different types of texts. The translation is from French to English. Whether the document is for professional, personal or educational purposes, you can count on me for your translation needs. If you wish to have a quote, download your document in the space below. The quote will evaluate the price and also the time to complete the translation work. I look forward to translating for you. The rate is 0.20 cents per word.

Private courses

Private lessons are customized according to your needs. During the first class, I will determine your level of English and your learning style. Private courses will allow you to progress at your own pace in a safe and non-judgmental environment. In order to guide me in my course preparations, please fill out the registration form below. The rate for private courses are 50$ per hour.

Group courses

Semi-private courses are ideal for working conversational English. A variety of exercises and different techniques based on your learning styles and preferences are offered. Group courses are a great way to enhance the services your company offers and an excellent team building activity among your employees. In order to guide me in my course preparations, please fill out the registration form below. The rate is 150$ per hour (A maximum of 4 participants)

Summer courses

Summer is the perfect time to practice English, to gain new knowledge and to work on your conversational English. Two four-week sessions are offered during the summer. One hour a day, four days a week, during four weeks. Available from July 9th. The rate is 650$ per session.

TOEFL English test preparation

Test orientation and preparation for the TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language which is required by most French Universities in Canada. Wherever you want to study, the TOEFL test can help you do that. My TOEFL test preparation courses will guide you to tackle the different parts of the TOEFL test. The reading section, the listening section, the oral section and the written section of the TOEFL will be practiced to be mastered in the allocated time. The rate is 100$ per hour.

Long distance courses

Distance learning courses are offered via Skype. This approach is very popular for those who want to regularly practice and improve their English without commuting. Distance courses are private lessons given via Skype. Teaching and learning will be facilitated by the use of the IDroo whiteboard accessible by both parties. Convenience and functionality are combined to fit your busy schedule. The rate is 75$ per hour.

Charlotte Dickie


I am an English teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Education from McGill University. I am passionate about teaching English as a second language. I’ve been teaching English in the province of Quebec for four years in a local School Board. I am originally from Nova Scotia and anglophone. Two years ago, I had the pleasure to begin giving private English lessons to individuals or groups whether it be to adults or to children. I also translate a variety of texts from French to English. Whether for professional, personal or academic purpose, I offer a fast and quality service.

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                If you need to cancel a course, you must contact me at least 24 hour before the scheduled course. If the cancellation policy is not respected, the full course fee will be charged.


                All PowerPoints and educational material provided by Charlotte Dickie Cours d’anglais Privés & Traduction are only to be used for personal use and that of the individual taking the course. In no circumstance must any educational material be shared or sold to any other individual or organisation.